Garmin TR outdoor workouts

Every time I do an outdooor TR workout sent to my Garmin Edge 530 it reports the number of reps to be completed -1 every time. Say it’s a 5 x5 minute interval workout, Garmin always tell me I have completed x/4 rather than 5. Is this something I can change, it’s really annoying.

Have you reported this to so they can review the issue?

Is that just on the description of the laps or when you actually go to run the workout? Sometimes the way the work/rest intervals workout it may look something like:

(5x3min VO2 intervals)



  • 3 min at 120%
  • 3 min at 40%

3 min at 120%

Cool down

So because there isn’t a 3 min rest after the last interval it is placed outside of the loop. But if you look at the whole workout then there are still 5 intervals.

I’m not saying this is your issue but just something to check.

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It’s just on the description, the intervals in the workout are always there for me to do. I normally do check what the workout contains before, but on the odd occasion I don’t check before hand, I always get caught out with how much of the workout I have left.

Your explanation makes sense though, it doesn’t make it less annoying.