Keep recording while workout is paused -- include in export file

What I would love to see is an option where if you stop spinning temporarily during a workout, the workout pauses, but the timer continues as well as the recording of heart rate (and cadence?). There are two primary use-cases I see for this, one of which might open the door to some additional development.

  1. If you need to take a non-spinning recovery (e.g. after a hard VO2 interval), this would properly record this instead of cutting this rest out altogether. Similarly, the effects of stopping for food/water/mechanicals would show more correctly into the total workout.

  2. This would allow for on/off-bike strength circuits/training. I’ve been enjoying incorporating strength training mini-circuits in my recovery/endurance workouts. This involves hopping off the bike for 4-8 minutes and doing strength work. The current way that pausing works on TrainerRoad these circuits are basically blips on the workout and heart rate and time are omitted.

For both of these, it is important that the prescribed workout itself does NOT continue, so it has to be more nuanced than simply keeping the timer going. I would imagine the easiest way to add this would be to crop the “stopped” times for TrainerRoad’s purposes (essentially reverting back to current functionality), but including these “stopped” times in the output which is passed to other apps/services.

This change could lead to some intentional on/off-bike strength work prescriptions, a potential new area of growth for the TrainerRoad system.

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More support for HR data (even while you’re not training) from the day, stress, sleep, etc would be so sick! Thanks for the suggestion.


I came here to suggest the same thing. My issue is that if you pause at all, then your metrics are wrong (NP, IF, TSS), which is very misleading for training. It would be awesome to have the option to include pauses as zero in power.

It was mentioned here that this is being worked on, but that was over four years ago.

Any update on this?

This may be part of WL2. In theory, WL2 will be able to analyze every ride and be able to account for pauses. @Nate_Pearson