Spindown calibration - timer

hi there,

is there a way to turn off TR to stop during a spindown calibration?

I ask, because I wanna compare inRide Power measurments recorded on TR with P2M recorded on a Garmin 520

or what’s the best way to simultaniously record the same workout on 2 devices?

cheers, j

Pair to both devices, calibrate on Garmin, calibrate on TR, gogogo?

thanks, Spencer

ideally I’d calibrate the inRide 10 minutes into the workout, so that I can see the difference after the trainer is warmed up :thinking:

right now I ended up with P2M/Garmin workout being 62s longer than the paused TR recorded one

Can you pause your Garmin at the same time as TR?

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If you turn off the auto pause and auto start features in your Garmin and in trainer road you can then manually pause the workout on each device, calibrate your power sources, and then resume each workout manually.


thank you both, yes, good idea …will try it manually :+1:

I think it used to be that the workout didn’t stop during calibration, which is of course counterproductive in general, but would have been nice for comparison

You could also do a 10 minute warmup or the LCST warmup and when that finishes you can do a calibration and then start your next workout.

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thanks, will do