Pairing Garmin FR920 HRM with TR

Hi there:
I am currently using TR on an iPhone, connecting via bluetooth with my smart trainer Tacx Flux S from where I get the power; and at the same time I use my Garming Forerunner 920xt to get the hear rate.

TR on the iPhone does not show the heart rate, and I would like to consolidate the workout in TR and then import to Garmin Connect and Strava. Is there a way to connect my Garmin / HRM in real time with TR on the iPhone so I can see all info together (i.e. power, cadence, HR, etc)?

Thanks in advance!

does your HRM have Bluetooth and ANT+?
AFAIK you can connect Bluetooth (in most cases) with only one device and ANT+ with multiple. So if your HRM has both, you could connect your HRM via Bluetooth with your iPhone (iPhone only allows BT) and your 920 via ANT+ (920 only able to connect via ANT+)

if it doesn’t show up under “devices” on your iPhone, then I guess the HRM is ANT+ only

not sure if your iPhone supports one of the ANT+ dongles out there, otherwise I guess the only option would get a dual Bluetooth/ANT+ HRM

Unfortunately we do not have a way to merge the two data files within TrainerRoad :pensive:.

There may be third-party applications that will facilitate this but none that we have experience with here at TR. Perhaps the community might have a suggestion.

The most seamless solution would be to buy a Bluetooth Compatible heart rate strap, which would allow you to pair your heart rate directly to TrainerRoad. I know it’s tough to justify buying a new heart rate strap when you already have one that works, but this would make the upload process much more straightforward.