How to get HR from Garmin to register on TR?

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I think I am asking the wrong questions about this. I would like to get my Garmin HR to register on TR? I use a HR strap and have a Garmin 935. I use Assioma power pedals. Do I need an ANT device? I don’t use TR on a computer or laptop. I use it on an I-phone. Thanks!

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iPhone is native Bluetooth (BLE). Your HR strap is quite likely ANT+.

  1. You can get a new HR strap that does BLE (and ANT+ for most options in the future). This is about the easiest option.

    • The Wahoo Tick, Bontrager HR and 4iiii Viiiia are a few options.
  2. You can also look into getting an ANT+ dongle for the phone. I am not an Apple expert, but know there can be some issues and limitations with this direction.

    • This have been covered before, but I’m having trouble tracking down the prior discussions at the moment.

I bought the Wahoo Ticker exactly for this purpose: HR recording in TrainerRoad. Works excellent, but only one caveat: when it transmits over Bluetooth, it does not do on ANT+.

Perhaps you also look at the Garmin one, as from their website it looks like it does both simultaneously.

ANT dongles for iPhone are likely to cost as much as a new HRM.

I’m wondering if you could just sync the garmin to TR, so that TR shows the file recorded on the garmin (which will have HR). However, TR realises when two rides are the same, and will only show one. I’m guessing it prioritises the TR file, but I don’t know.

I’m sort of in the middle of the same problem. Currently using TR app on on Ipad, which has bluetooth so picks up my 4iiii power meter, but not my Garmin HR strap (older style) which is ANT+ only. I have an old Garmin 800 which picks up both but couldn’t see how to upload its file to TR. My android phone I think would probably pick up both, but I don’t have a mount and I kinda like the bigger screen to follow the workout.

So I narrowed my choice down to either getting a new HR strap wit Bluetooth or get an ANT+ adapter for the ipad. Decided on the latter in the end as my strap is relatively new so seemed a waste to discard it and having the dongle means I have a bit more flexibility if I ever decide to use my laptop for example for TR. Note as well as the dongle I’ve also had to buy a USB to lighting converter - due for delivery this weekend so see how it works.

Update - the ANT+ adapter didnt work for me on my ipad. Not a total waste though as I’ve tried it with my laptop though and actually much prefer the windows app

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I use the Garmin 235 with wrist HR monitor. My Garmin is linked to TR via bluetooth. I would assume you just link your HR strap to your 935 and link your 935 to TR via bluetooth to your iphone.

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I use a Garmin 935 as well with TR on my iPhone too! I have the older HRM as well which doesn’t support BLE so I bought this gadget to get it work with TR…