Pairing HRM to iPhone app

I’ve searched all over for this but can’t seem to find how to do something seemingly basic.

I have an old iPhone SE on which I use the TrainerRoad app. It pairs perfectly with Assioma pedals every workout, but I can’t pair my HRM.

At the moment, I just wear the strap and run my Garmin simultaneously, and upload the Garmin HR and PM data to TrainingPeaks.

Is there a way I can get the HR data onto the TR app so I don’t have to use the Garmin at all indoors?


Depending on which Garmin HRM that you have, you may need to double check that it broadcasts via Bluetooth. I had the same issue with my HRM and ended up buying a Tickr as it solved the issue indoors. Still use my Garmin HRM outside with head unit.

Does the Tickr connect to Wahoo products only?

The tickr will connect to anything that has ant+ or Bluetooth

I have a Tickr, and it connects just fine to my iPhone and my iPad. Just keep in mind that most devices can only connect to one device at a time using Bluetooth.