Pain Tolerance, Pro Athlete Fueling, Cyclocross and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 339

How much of your “race fitness” is due to improvements in capacity and how much of it comes from pain tolerance? We’ll cover this and how should average athletes and pro athletes fuel differently, get into cyclocross season and much more in Episode 339 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Tune in live Thursday morning at 8:00am Pacific!

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Pain Tolerance, Pro Athlete Fueling, Cyclocross and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 339

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Intro 0:09

  • What has Ivy learned during her CX season so far? 03:16

  • Deep dive on pain tolerance and endurance training 19:17

  • Rapid fire questions 53:26

  • Physical vs. psychological benefits of drafting 1:14:19

  • Examining how a specific pro athlete should manage their nutrition 1:19:59

  • How average athletes should manage their nutrition 1:30:21


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Mentioning the rapid fire Q with peak HR of 198?

I’m age 31, resting HR ~46 bpm, peak from last crit race 227 bpm. I can regularly go above 200. I went deep, but felt fine.

Celebrate? Or see a doctor?

Probably get a new hr strap or see attention to your current one.

If those are fine, then yes definitely get an ecg. That’s not normal, more likely a dodgy hr reading but the only people I know who have legitimately had hr readings that high was early signs of a heart arrhythmia.

For the movies with a bike, (from a distant memory) Pretty in Pink has Jon Cryer (Duckie) rip an awesome wheelie on his 20" BMX bike (Mongoose?). I searched to find a clip or pic, but can’t track it down. Was something most people probably ignored, but it’s a key point in the film for this rider :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll add in Bmx bandits….with Nicole Kidman riding bmx.





I got a good chuckle from the mention of “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”



I got super emotional when @IvyAudrain told the story of her mom leading her out for a race win. How effin’ awesome is that. She should sell that story to Disney for a movie.

Sad I won’t ever get to experience that with my daughter. But perhaps I can make it work with my son.


I just wanted to add to the great help given to the triathlete who was concerned about gaining weight, or not losing. Protein is always pretty key. But I couldn’t help but notice the amount of veggies he mentioned in his daily diet. I worked with a plant-based nutritionist and he says many of his clients are eating way too many vegetables and salads. He doesn’t mean to stop eating them altogether, but the point is they are not very calorie dense, high in fiber (which contributes to fullness), and take a long time to eat (especially raw ones). So he recommends not being afraid of incorporating some low-fiber, slightly more processed foods - like white rice, sourdough bread, glasses of organic soy milk, etc. You can consume far more calories than their whole counterparts before feeling fullness. This helps avoid low energy availability! When in doubt, consult a nutritionist who specializes in the needs of plant-based athletes.

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