Mental Toughness, Crazy Sprints, Recovery Weeks & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 282

How to be a tough athlete, pro tips for the final kilometer of a race and why you lose most sprints, why you feel slower after a recovery week and much more with new guest host Ivy Audrain!

I’m so excited to have Ivy join the podcast this week! As you’ve all seen on this forum and our social channels, she’s an absolute rockstar and has a ton of experience and knowledge to share.

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

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Great job @IvyAudrain !!


Thanks so much! Can you tell we had fun with this one?! :rofl: :star2:


Absolutely! Anytime you and Pete want to talk sprinting I’m all ears!

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I’ve seen @IvyAudrain’s name in the forum here and there but hearing it in the podcast made me realize I raced with her last year. How cool!

I feel famous. Loved the podcast, and yes to more women :fire:


Man, listening to Ivy on the podcast was like, “Did they just clone Amber? Are all female cyclists this positive and insightful?” :sweat_smile:


Yes :rofl::joy: