Pacelines, Normalized Power, Cravings and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 199

There were audio issues so I imagine they are fixing those and re-uploading

It’s up! @stevemz was right. :slight_smile:

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Just in time for my train commute home :man_pilot:


WRT itchy eyes, I usually prescribe azelastine. Not sure how efficacious it is compared to other meds though.

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“Was it with q-rings”… and then asking again to get the answer. This had me cracking up while listening today out on the bike. Great episode. :slight_smile:


So I am listening to this podcast and I hear them talking about sprinting. Last year I was midsprint in a crit finish. That one second hesitation is very important when shifting in a sprint. I know this and never made this mistake before but last year I hit my blip on etap full tilt and my chain slipped half a revolution (41mph) my foot came out and then all hell broke loose.

So make sure you hesitate! lol while shifting in a sprint!


Question regarding @Nate_Pearson 's use of netipot for sinus clearing/allergies - is there any value doing that vs using a pre bottled Saline solution? I’ve been using that after my rides the last couple springs and have found it helps clear the sinuses and wash out any potential irritants. Also, for those you haven’t tried nasal allergy meds, I like you, I’ve recently found the nasal allergy medicine so much better than any pill in terms of not having unwanted effects (sleepiness, dry skin, etc…).

Is there a link to the histamine study by Halliwill and Luttrell?

“Correct me if I’m wrong Jeff…”

Nate - I sometimes sit down to shift if it’s a particularly long sprint without a particularly fast leadout. I can think of three times I recently did this:

Cal Aggie Criterium: How to Save Energy - 2019 Cal Aggie Criterium P/1/2 - YouTube

Land Park Criterium: Controversy in the Breakaway - 2019 Land Park Criterium P/1/2 - YouTube

Alviso Practice Criterium: The Longest Sprint - Alviso Criterium - YouTube

Most people don’t realize, but shifting is usually not required in bunch sprints and here’s why: If the leadout is something around 36MPH, and the max speed in the sprint is around 40MPH, that means you can ride the leadout at 100 cadence, then spin up to 111 cadence in the same gear to hit your max speed in the sprint. Both these numbers are pretty much ideal for my sprint by the way.

In some cases, you need to shift. For example, If it’s the last lap and you’re doing some cat-and-mouse from the break, your sprint might start at 24mph, meaning you’d have to go from 95 cadence to 150 cadence to hit 38mph in the sprint. That’s not efficient (at least not for me) so I’d start my sprint with a little lower than ideal cadence, wind it up to maybe 115, ease off the power (or sit down), shift, then wind it up to a little higher than ideal for the finish (see above videos).

Hope that helps, thanks as always for the great content.



@Nate_Pearson just saw a pic of the close finish at Winchester on Strava:

Ryan is a TR user, he just found the forums so hoping we see him posting. Great guy, taught me a bunch of stuff on our local Wed night rides.



Used to be a TR user…something just happened to his account! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Were you on the old eTap or the new eTap during that race? (when you shifted and it just sent the signal out to Mars rather than your derailleur)

If Nate wasn’t too cool for the face shield on this Giro helmet then maybe he would have won!

Hehe, I used to wear it doesn’t block wind very well and my eyes dry out. Maybe I should do the visor + sunglasses below! :sunglasses:

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New 12 speed eTap.

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Pete and I did the race analysis. It’s SO painful for me to watch. I made like 4 mistakes in a row for that lose to happen :anguished:.

Motivation for next time!

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The pre-bottled stuff is just the same saline + distilled water mix that you can do yourself (except more expensive). It’s all a matter of what you find convient.

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ON Normalized Power for sub 20-minute efforts, could the info/data/etc. be flagged or shown in a unique font, color or other method? Keep them there, but show it as being non-ideal.

Essentially a different option than removing it entirely, but maybe indicate that it is subject to variability or some other warning about the potentially misleading info from it.


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Haha, good one Nate! Nice racing with you. For the record, those were my first upgrade points earned towards Cat 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the race analysis video!


I think it’s fine to show it, maybe a little disclaimer and the people who don’t want it can not look at it :slight_smile: