Overlooked for the AT beta group


Anyone else been overlooked for the AT beta group?

My brother signed up for the beta group after I did by a week. Also, he hasn’t been a TR user as long as I have.

Today, he got into the AT beta group…

I’m still waiting.

Is getting into AT random? Or is it based on when you sign up? Or is it based on year of usage?

Feeling frustrated…

It’s random. I was in the first few hundred to register and just got in yesterday


Thanks for letting me know. I feel better about it now!

It WAS random. To my knowledge, they are not using signup time at all. They may be using TR history, but that has not been stated.

TR has recently stated that they are adding specific types of users to the group to address specific concerns and use cases.


Yeah, don’t feel too bad. I was feeling overlooked as well - and worried that either my registration hadn’t worked or I’d lost the email saying I’d been let in. But I also got added yesterday. They’re definitely ramping up the addition of users - you’ll get there :slight_smile:

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Yes, the user addition is increasing, so more are getting in and in bigger chunks.

But, for those still waiting, know that this is still very beta and we are seeing bugs, functional limitations and such. These can and should be expected in a beta, and should be recognized that you are not getting into a clean and polished situation with full function.

We’ve seen more than a few people get their invite, be all excited, and then learn about these issues to find that the current state doesn’t “work” for them. Depending on your goals, time cycle for training, and willingness to deal with an imperfect situation, NOT getting in may well be better.


I choose to believe that I haven’t been added yet because I’m exhibiting perfect training that the machine can’t really learn anything from.


Or it could be so crazy they don’t want to teach it bad habits! (/joking)


I was going with that but now I’m just accepting that I’m very ordinary - although I’d like to think my 900+ indoor rides might have something to contribute

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I signed up early, and a long time user, but I’m not really too bothered while they are still working on unstructured rides (which are a lot at the moment with racing and club spins).

What do you feel you’re missing out on?
Custom workout suggestions? Use the workout levels based on your own compliance to what you’re doing. Then make the next one harder or easier for that energy system.
Progression levels? Look at train now for an idea where you’re at and adjust the workouts if they seem to “easy”
The tools are there for us to “adapt” as we go, but yes it’s not machine learning or some AI helping decide what workout todo. Instead focus on what you can control now in the mean time.
I’m also waiting and signed up within the first hour but at this point I know being in AT won’t just hand me 10 watts to my ftp. We still have to do the work and be consistent with that work.

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It is a beta system that I assume you didn’t even sign up for. This is the worst example of FOMO.

Sometimes I think TR screwed up by trying to sell AT before it was ready.

I signed up the day it was announced, I haven’t been brought in either. I don’t feel like my performance is being hampered by not using it. The reason I am not sitting at 5 w/Kg is because I haven’t been working hard enough, not because I am not using AT.

  • Wrong assumption considering this is the second sentence in the OP.

No, my assumption is probably correct. He was already a long time TR user, so he didn’t sign up for TR because of AT.

Hi @JSTootell,

I haven’t done a great job in articulating my thoughts/concerns. For a company that prides itself on process, TR has not made who gets into the beta and who must wait clear.

My concern is over process. If whoever get in is chosen is random, TR ought to make that known to its users. If it is based on years of being a TR user, TR ought to make that known. If it is based on watts/kg, TR ought to make that know. Whatever criteria is used ought to be known to clear up any confusion and cut down on @Jonathan DMs.

So what is the process? If it totally random, fine. If its based on usage then there is an hierarchy and that needs to be followed otherwise people who don’t get in at the prescribed time will feel overlooked and less important.


I just like to see all the cool new features and how they will impact my training. Paying for a product and knowing there is a better version coming is exciting!

In terms of training, thanks for the tips and advice. I think I’ve got things dialed right now - hoping to stay healthy and focused through the CX season.



I seem to remember Pete talking about “certain athletes” being asked to join early on. He didn’t say what criteria was being used to ask those athletes, but that would lead me to believe it is NOT totally random.

…if it helps, I signed up immediately and have been a TR subscriber since the very start. I got in a few weeks ago long after friends of mine did who were much more recent subscribers and signed up after me. Its random.

TBH though, I think it is FAR from ready for general use. So many issues that mean its only of use for a very select segment of TR users right now. It’s been zero use to me for example eg no outdoor workouts via Wahoo, only works on Planbuilder created plans etc etc. Probably be good for my indoor winter but…

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There was a “very first” group of TR users invited into a pre-beta stage about 1 year ago. That group did some testing and was “disbanded” after a short period of access, so that left TR internal only users.

Right about the debut of AT (can’t remember if it was right before or after), TR re-invited those pre-beta users into the new beta at that time. They were the initial testers before adding the first from the actual “requested” users via the access port TR offered.

At that time, when pulling in the first real groups of users for the AT beta, from that pool of people that applied via the link, those were all “randomly” selected. That remained the practice for weeks and months, before TR switched more recently to targeting particular users with cases of interest.

Does that clarify the history a bit?



Yes, it does. Thank you!