I've been a paid subscriber 11 consecutive years as of this week and all I got was not into the AT beta :(

I’m just curious who would like to commisserate.


no thanks…i put on my big boy pants this morning


Failed a VO2 max workout tonight (…by a lot). First VO2 max failure of this season but surely won’t be the last. I don’t have 11 years worth of dollars in the company but I’m highly confident that Nate new I was going to fail before I got on the bike :wink:


That’s how they getcha!

I never bothered looking into it, but I was surprised to hear that TR has been around for 11 years (I’ve been a member for a few and aware of them for 6-7).

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It was pretty basic and clunky in the early days but the same basic training experience. Also I can’t do subtraction and it’s been 9 years. This is why I need computers to tell me what to do.


I was a little choked at first. Not even close to 11 years… but yesterday I had a polarized outdoor workout planned and I ended up blowing myself up with a 4 hour ride with 1000 meters of climbing at close to freezing. Seems I can’t follow a plan so doesn’t matter to me at all other than the new toy factor. Lol. Best of luck to you getting in!

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Good grief. People here seem to think AT is going to literally eclipse the heroic nature of sliced bread.

It’s not. Workouts are still workouts. If you know your body, follow your weekly TSS trends, and focus on your goals, whatever workout you pick will be the right workout. Having been a TR subscriber for a long time too, I’m pretty certain that I’m smarter than the machine (for now) at knowing what workout is right each day.

I’m anxious for AT too – but ain’t no machine gonna know me better than me.


Same as above, if you know your body and how to manipulate time under tension. You can make small tweaks to your plan yourself, look at what zone you’re training in and overall goal of time under tension in that zone. Progressive overload.
I want AT also but I also am confident in my own body signals on when to tweak some things.

But everyone loves to offload personal responsibility!


Probably because it’s random who gets in.


Is this like a support group?
OGTR Anonymous: AT Edition

Your new robot overlords are gonna be piiiiisssssed when they read this.


Is that the worlds tinyest violin playing just for … :face_with_monocle: :thinking: I thought it would be a little larger

I was questioning your claim of 11 years…pretty sure they have only been around since late 2011.

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That parallels this post by Ray (Sep 2011):


I thought I started in 2012 although my ftp history goes back to august 2011…which would predate the article.

It’s crazy how much stuff has changed. I started cycling in late 2013 and quickly hopped on the bluetooth wagon with the Wahoo HR and Blue SC units, so I didn’t get to try trainerroad until I think 2014 when they started supporting bluetooth on iOS.

I think we need some type of official 10 year anniversary thingy so we can celebrate TR history!


Well, the article covers that it is still in free beta at that time. I don’t really know when they officially started charging and became “officially official”. I suspect it’s possible that there are FTP entries, manually entered that could predate your actual start date.

  • For instance, I have an April 2015 entry even though I didn’t actually join TR until November 2015. Not sure if I entered it manually from some old info, or another source, but it goes to show that FTP history may not be a complete indicator of TR history.
  • I don’t see any quick access to payment or member history in the Account settings, so it would likely take a query to TR to find the hard info.

No big deal either way. TR seems to date from around mid to late 2011, so we won’t hit an “official” 10 year range for paid users until at around the middle of this year at earliest. That excludes beta testers, because I have no idea how far back those people go.

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