Reduction in TSS for Traditional Base

Hi there, I’m new to TR.

I’m just coming off a 700 TSS week, looking at doing High Volume Traditional Base I, II, and III. I’m going to see a reduction in TSS from what I’m used to, but maybe the consistency and the low intensity will make up for this.

Am I right in thinking this? Does anyone have a similar experience? I know that not all TSS is equal.

Here’s my career chart for some idea. I’m not new to cycling this year, but it is my first year with a power meter. I unfortunately had my bike stolen last year and it led to some time off the bike.


P.S. I’m 81kg with an FTP around 250 (may be outdated, I have my ramp test scheduled for Tuesday after two days rest)

I found one answer here

It seems like outdoor rides generate higher TSS?

For base work, I’ve been doing Z2 (top of range) rides 6 days a week, about 2 hours per day at my MAF heart rate (180 less your age +/- a few beats depending on how you feel that day). Generating 700 to 900 TSS per week. I’ve found this to be quite effective. I don’t follow a training plan. I just ride the same route on Zwift every weekday and mentally note my times against various waypoints along the route. On weekends I will find a Zwift endurance ride of 2+ hours at the W/kg that will keep me close to my target HR but the group always surges and this small bit of intensity adds to the variety and training effect.

I recently completed a 180 km fondo in under 6 hours and had no difficulty with the ride or recovery that day or the next. Legs did not feel stressed. I will follow the same informal plan next year. Very happy with the results.

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The consistency will help a lot.

My $0.02

You can also add work, if you feel up to it. HV has days open that you can fill with recovery rides. Be careful of overdoing it though and then collapsing in the middle of the plan. Let me know what you feel like when you get to HV Build and HV Specialty. I believe Nate @ TR said HV is too much for him. HV is too much for me, and I put in 12-13hr/wk consistently @ 500-700TSS consistently. The continuous stress and the continuous build of TSS really starts to beat me down especially during the build and specialty phases, and I eventually start to fail every workout as I dig too deep, and need several days off. Just a point of reference. Just listened to their latest podcast, and I think I would do HV and remove some workouts and replace it with a lighter recovery at even lower power. Something between mid and high volume would work best for me.

TSS will be lower, outdoors, if you use a power meter vs hrTSS. Outdoor rides have breaks (water refill, lights, etc.), trainer rides do not. Indoor rides, the trainer, even during pedaling have no breaks, unlike outdoors as the resistance on the pedal is consistent and doesn’t surge.

The plans have flexibility. The recovery rides can be replaced with something else. Open days can be filled, but probably not recommended. You can submit a ticket to directly ask TR guys.

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They do from most of the data I have seen.

Not really, it depends.

  1. Most people train for longer duration’s out side
  2. Accelerating off lights, from junctions, going over the average power on short or longer climbs etc, results in a higher NP against average power resulting in a higher TSS for the same duration.

(and who stops for a water refill :zipper_mouth_face:)

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