Outdoor workout failure....what happened?

OK…first things first - Merry Christmas everyone!

Chad can move this into another thread but I couldn’t find a thread that addressed my problem today. Just starting TB3MV. Today’s workout was Hatch…but it was a glorious 56* here in Chicago so there was no way I was riding inside. Decided to try and load it into my Garmin and try it as an Outdoor workout.

Went into TR calender, marked it as “Outside” and synched it to my Garmin. However, when I marked it as Outside, it changed the workout to from Hatch to Hoback. Weird…so i clicked it back to Inside and it switched back to Hatch. Sure enough when I checked Outside again, it went back to Hoback. That was also the workout that got loaded into my Garmin.

Now, the profile seemed pretty similar to Hatch, so I wasn’t worried about…same duration, TSS, etc. The description I read also made it seem similar to Hatch (minus the three 200% sprints early in the ride).

My Garmin also never cycled past the second interval during the ride, so I was getting constant messages saying my power was too high, but I think I figured out that I needed to hit the lap button to advance to the next interval.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Any tips on what I did wrong, if anything?

Regarding the message about power being too high, you can turn off the power alert on your Garmin, mine would pop up with that if I went outside the target power zones (it’s hard to stay in a 20w range with outdoor variability.

You do need to press lap between interval sets, if will notify you on screen when when it does this.

The outdoor equivalent workouts are different workouts with different names, but achieve the same workout goal - aerobic endurance in your example. Some outdoor workouts are quite different as it can be hard to achieve some sessions outside the controlled trainer environment. For example, I think 30-30s like Taylor are replaced with longer (3min?) VO2max intervals when outdoors.

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Interesting…so what occurred today was a feature, not a bug?

The other point I did not mention is that the workout that was loaded into my Garmin is not currently listed in the Workout library. Or at least I couldn’t find it when I looked for it.

That’s correct. As far as I know, no outside workouts are listed in the workout search. Each outside workout is associated with a specific indoor workout. They can only be found by first finding the indoor workout that hits your goal then switching to the outside option. So that’s another feature!

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Great, thanks for the info!

This is all correct :slight_smile:

We currently have one-to-one relationships for all workouts associated with a training plan, but we are working on the rest of the workouts in our library. For now, there are some workouts that have a more generalized outdoor version that is assigned to multiple (similar) indoor workouts.


I found this when the feature first came out and it confused me, TR switches your scheduled workout to an outdoor appropriate one when you switch them to outdoor but not all of them need altering. The idea behind pressing the lap button to start your interval allows you to find a stretch of road that’s going to be appropriate to complete the intervals, I’ve found this super useful especially when you pick a route but find roadworks or something unexpected on your route. I love being able to get out and do my TR workouts outdoors, stick with it💪