Bashful +1 - outside workout mistake

it seems like there is an incorrect long interval at the end of 3rd set, see output from Garmin

Could be it is there intentionally, but I don’t see that in description either and it does not match the indoor version. It also seems like the warmup is different than what description says but it’s just a warmup so I didn’t care much :slight_smile:

Is this the additional interval so that the older (like the 520) head units don’t stop the workout, so you can then free-ride home?

No, there is the “get home” interval afterwards. You can see in the screenshot the last two 125%FTP intervals are replaced by one longer one.

I think someone reported a problem with this workout before. I’m sure if you raise it with the TR support, they’ll sort it out.

Hey @bagr84,

I took a look our Garmin workout files for this workout and everything seems right on our end (no long steady state interval at the end).

I am not sure why the workout downloaded to your Garmin showed otherwise, is it possible that this workout synced to your Garmin awhile ago? If so it may have synced before we corrected certain issue with the instructions.

I did notice once that my original sync didn’t work correctly. It synced the work intervals but didn’t sync the warmup/cooldown/recovery intervals. It was one of the San Joaquin workouts, so it was just the short work/rest intervals repeating with no warm up or round breaks. When I re-synced my phone to my Garmin, it corrected itself, so maybe this was something similar?

We have seen some issues where we push the correct workout to Garmin, but when the user goes to start the workout it gets corrupted in one way or another. We are recording cases of this to help the identify the problem to Garmin, but until then it doesn’t hurt to double check that the workout pushed to your Garmin matches the workout description in TrainerRoad :+1:.

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It was uploaded to Garmin FR935 this Sunday or Monday. Interesting is, I see 2 occurences of the wourkout in the watch:

Here is the wrong step (it’s an effort little above my threshold):

Also the warmup is messed up, it starts with “Recover” step for 30 seconds and then jump to VO2max effort right after.

Anyway, I have now synced another workout and that seems to be correct (Fang Mountain +1).

Thanks for reporting this @bagr84.

The team and I will look into this to see if we can replicate :+1:. We have seen issues like this before, and often the corruption occurs on the Garmin end, but we will see if there is anything we can do.

Ok, unfortunately I have another one, in the final set of Fang Mountain +1 (OverUnders), the ‘under’ section is just 20 seconds long, should be a minute (as in previous sets and workout description).

I felt like Chad is trying to kill me by not allowing me to rest between ‘Overs’ but hey, he will have to try harder next time :smiley:

Glad to hear you didn’t succumb to the suffering! I took a look at the workout and this time around, the issue you experienced was a simple typo on our end :confused:. I went in and corrected the issue so Fang Mountain is now exactly as it should be.

Sorry that your experience with outside workouts has not been a perfect one so far. We are constantly working to improve and perfect what we can, and we’re really sorry for the hiccups you’ve experienced in the past few rides.

Please keep letting us know when you run into issues and we will work to resolve them as best we can :+1:

i had the same problem on my wahoo element with bashful +1 today. it seems to still be there.

@Nate_Pearson this is still a problem I think. No biggie as I knew what it should have been, but would be nice to iron out these sort of gremlins.

I’ll have the team look into this for sure! Sorry for any confusion.

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