Outdoor Workout Information

Has the outdoor workout information been removed in the latest update of the program?

I can no longer find it.

I understand that you can see the description of the workout. However, there was some session that were different in comparison to the workout in the program.

Hey! Some of our rides have a different name and structure when switched to ‘outside’, specifically endurance or recovery rides.
The types of workouts that you can expect to be different indoors vs outside in particular include Pettit, Volunteer, Beech, and Boarstone for example, all recovery or endurance rides that are very similar to one another.

If you feel like something is amiss or if you’re seeing this behavior for different rides, definitely reach out to our support team, either by email them at support@trainerroad.com, or Submit a Request online to make sure your outside rides are matching up!

Thanks, Ivy.

I think the app has changed in the latest update. Each workout has the variant tab where the outdoor workout tab used to be. And there seems to be no outdoor workout option anymore?

I did find this arrange more helpful.

Thanks for your reply.

Kind regards.

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