Outside workout usability [Feature Request]

A couple questions / feature requests for outside workouts:

  1. Can we get the chart of the workout in the UI? Reading “3 sets of X, with Y” is ok, but I always end up flipping over to the indoor screen to try and figure out what that actually means. It’s much easier for me to understand with the visual. I know that the indoor workout isn’t usually exactly the same, but just being able to see it as a reference would be great. It doesn’t have to exactly show the one that outdoor is.

  2. Similar to the above, it’s annoying that the mobile app doesn’t let you view the indoor workout equivalent when you’ve scheduled it outdoors. You have to click through to the web, then service that to outdoor.

  3. The mobile app (Android) should let you see RPE and power versions on the same UI when you’ve scheduled it. Similar to 2 you need to jump to web, and then click over to rpe if you want to see that.

  4. Would be nice if the calendar view showed the thumbnail view chart even for outdoor workouts (same known caveats as above). Just seeing “Pallisade” and time/TSS values for outdoor isn’t nearly as informative as if it was indoor and showed visually as over/unders.

  5. 1&2 would be mitigated by letting you switch the ride to be indoor vs outdoor in the app.

  6. For wahoo, having some help text somewhere that says “to view these workouts switch your filter to ‘Scheduled’ in the wahoo app” would be very helpful. If you don’t do that you’ll never find the workout.


Would be a nice addition if you could get the visual graphics on outdoor rides. That way when you look at your calendar you can see what sort of ride you’re going to do without having to go in to each individual workout.

Maybe have different colours from the standard blue so you can see what’s coming up at a glance.


@Cdallas2, your requested seemed quite similar to #1 above, so I merged the threads.

+1. I’m changing the workout to the outdoor version just slightly before I’m actually doing the thing just so u could see a glance at the workout in my calendar.

Thanks for the feedback!! That helps us know what our users are looking for in terms of visibility for outside rides, and I understand how it would be more helpful to have an ‘at a glance’ visualization of what your workout really looks like. I’m definitely passing this along to our development team! :v: