Switching to an outdoor ride

I am in recovery week and would like to switch my rides to outdoor and have them sync up with my Garmin. I think that there is a simple way to do this, like a box I have to check but I can’t seem to find this anywhere!
Any help would be great.
Thanks Alex

If you’re on the web browser then when you click on the workout on the calendar you will get a pop-up for the workout. You then just click the “outside” button circled in red below. The process is pretty similar in the app.

It’s worth noting that some workouts don’t have an outdoor version at the moment.

But I don’t see that box at all. The particular workout is Pettit. On my calendar there is no outdoor option but if I search the workout up you get an outdoor option. On all my workouts on my calendar I have no outdoor options…
Thanks Alex

That seems odd - I’ve Pettit scheduled for next week and I’ve the outdoor option.

As far as I’m aware outdoor workouts aren’t dependent on you being part of a beta or similar. I’d check with support@trainerroad.com to see if they can help.

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Are you looking on the phone app? In order to switch it you have to open the workout, then click on the pencil icon at the bottom left. That’ll open the edit window where you can toggle it to outdoor.

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Thanks, @mwglow15 that worked. Now just have to suss out how I switch on the desktop.