Outside ride comparable to what type of indoor workout?

My situation is I am doing a modified low volume plan all during the week.
the 3 low volume workouts plus a zone 2 ride mid week, then an outside ride on the weekend.
As such this is coming close to a mid volume plan.
I think it may be better to do low volume and add the workouts as I don’t want to hold myself to trying to complete a trainer workout, outdoors as my outside ride will be with a group and I want to stay with the group more than complete an outside TR workout.
My question is how can I analyze my outside ride to determine what “type” of ride it was (e.g. zone 2, sweet spot, threshold)?
I am curious as if I knew, I may be able to more easily modify, change, or swap out other rides during the week to better accomodate my weekend ride. I may also better space things out to allow for adequate rest between workouts.
Is just looking at time in zone in the TR stats enough?
Would you look at the 2-3 zones you spent the greatest percentage of time in to ball park the workout type?
Thank you for any feedback as I think it may help to better plan out my week.

I am looking at

  • overall time
  • tss
  • if
  • amd would look at intervals specifically: highest effort level, length

It is quite easy to find comparable workouts by filtering and putting the results in order of the indicator you are most interested in

Many endurance workouts are considerably longer as outside version. In these cases I am looking at shorter indoor emdurance workouts, which end up also being longer in the outdoor version. Mostly these longer outdoor versions of shorter indoor workouts match the original length of the workout I needed to replace.