Workout search for outdoor rides

Hey Guys and Gals,

Is there a way to search through the workout library and see the outdoor variation of the ride?
Right now the only way i can see to do it is to open up any workouts i might be interested in and set it to outdoor to see the workout text.
My primary goal here is to find outdoor endurance rides that are steady state with watts in a range for the bulk of the time, say 60%-70% for 2-3 hours. Rides like “Maclure” as opposed to “Vogelsang”. I’m looking for rides I can sort of zone out on, and just keep a steady effort without worrying about any changes to the target effort level.
Also, I’m noticing that there seems to be a few of these types of workouts with no workout levels assigned for the outdoor version. For example, “Townhill” is an endurance 7.0 indoors, but completing it outdoors provides no Progression level change. Is this because it’s too similar to other workouts, and I just need to find the one that provides progression when outdoors?

Why don’t you just go out and ride between 60-70% for 2-3hrs without a workout?

The Weekly Tips name a few of them in the base and build blocks. The two most common ones I used earlier in the year were Town Hill (2h45m) and Boarstone (2h flat). Just search for endurance rides for the time you’re looking for and pick one that has only small variations and no sharp surges. That’s always worked for me. It looks like they’ve updated the workout catalogue so the outdoor versions are the same length and time as the indoor versions.

Edit: When you filter by Endurance, you can also filter by Continuous.

Additionally, if you’re looking to feed Adaptive Training, keep in mind outdoor workouts on Garmin head units are the only ones currently supported and feeding Progression Levels (and some folks have reported this isn’t working for them). Wahoo is bugged at the moment and will not credit you properly.

Valid point. I’m likely going to do that anyways, but I’m also trying to seed adaptive training with relevant information.