Garmin outdoor workouts with weird ERG settings during warmup


So I’ve been using outdoor workouts to sync my plan to my Garmin 1040. I do this so I can use my Garmin to control my Tacx Neo via ANT+ in ERG mode so I can connect to Zwift via one bluetooth channel.

I’ve noticed on some of the workouts, during the warm up phase, I’d have a general power target to hit but then, inexplicably, my trainer gets instantaneously harder for a second or two. Afterwards it returns to normal. This happens at very random intervals but I suspect that these were “planned” openers that aren’t displayed on outdoor workout graphs.

One example is Bell Mountain. See this picture:

These spikes come randomly and without any indication or warning. Feels like it locks the trainer when it does so. I thought the spikes were a glitch but the rest of the workout is fine and hits targets

This happened again today in another workout of mine Marvine

Notice those early spikes again.

There is no indication of these micro efforts in the outdoor workout text or lap explanations. Are outdoor workouts baking in these “micro” efforts? If so, would it be possible to make it clear that such spikes will happen? If not, can they be removed as its quite annoying to have this happen during my warm up.

Has anyone else experienced this too?

It looks like it’s an error in how it’s controlling ERG to do the ramp up parts of the workout, both start with a similar ramp section that seems to be where the issue is. I haven’t tried using outdoor workouts on my Garmin and Zwift before but I do all my indoor rides using Zwift on Bluetooth tablet and TR on PC using Ant+. Never had this issue while using both platforms at the same time with my setup. My suspicion is it’s related to the how the Garmin is reading the outdoor workout.

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Well for outdoor workouts, these ramp up periods are different; they’re typically set to the higher level through out.

I’m not sure if thats the intention. If it isn’t, that’s definitely a bug. If it is…I’d like some warning for those burst efforts!!

I’ve had this happen periodically while using two devices (usually dual recording) but also days after (when back on a single device).

It feels like signal interference where the smart trainer isn’t getting input for a split second. Thinks you’re not hitting the target, ramps up the resistance, signal comes back, then resistance normalises. Kinda like the opposite of a drop out. Which I’ve been getting lately as well. I’m powering at a constant effort. For a split second my watts show zero” and then pick back up again.

If you look at the image below. You can see where I’ve got the opposite happening. This was yesterdays ride. But. I have had both. Kinda unnerving.

That’s my bro science.

Nb: wahoo kickr core. iPad. Assioma pedals. Bluetooth.

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