Garmin "Workout Out Comparison" Data Field Not to Scale

Not sure if this is a TR issue, Garmin issue or me issue but if you look at the image below you’ll see the interval workout graphic is significantly lower than it should be. The purple arrow points to a line representing my FTP of 284. The red arrow points to an interval of 550w and either side of that interval is 185w.

I’ve done scores of workouts outdoors and this is the first time it’s happened.

Any ideas?

Can’t say I’ve seen that on either a 530 or 840, but nearly all of my workouts come from TrainingPeaks. Which Garmin model?

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Garmin 830. First time it’s happened.

did it stay that way the entire ride? Or just for the ~2 minutes of the real-time graph window? It looks like what happens when you put down a quick 1000+ watts, and then settle back into riding. Except there is no obvious power spike.

entire ride. in fact. when I finished the workout, i uploaded the same workout for a second time and the same thing happened (I completed the workout twice)

Captain obvious question - did you update the 830 software recently?

I’d load another TR workout and take a spin around the block. And if still the same, load a Garmin workout and see if that is different.

Updated a few weeks ago. I did wipe old TR workouts saved on my Garmin recently though. Today’s workout was uploaded this morning. Seeing what happens if I upload a workout now.

Just loaded up a workout. This is what came up.

First time I’ve seen the entire profile of a workout before. Maybe it’s because I haven’t started the ride. Will have to try and start a workout in the next few days.

Never mind. Same issue.

These intervals are over 300w. The bars show up well below my ftp.

Not sure if this is related, but I have a friend who, after every workout, the zones in Connect look far below his threshold, even if he does VO2 work. It looks like every ride is Z1. I actually thought he did it on purpose to make it look like he wasn’t smashing every ride, but he swears he’s got everything set up correctly.

It’s been happening for a long time though, not something new.

Do the zones look correct in Connect, only weird on the head unit?

Try making a simple workout on Garmin Connect mobile

4th from top is Training & Planning, tap that, then tap Workouts, then tap Create a Workout

Tap the bike interval and set target to power zone4.

Load that and see.

Looks fine on connect.

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When I do it through Garmin connect it comes out right. Through TrainerRoad it doesn’t.

@IvyAudrain any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


@ZackeryWeimer ^^^

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Did another workout today, tried creating a new screen in two different profiles. Same deal.


Hey @AussieRider (et al.),

We’re looking into this at the moment and testing some stuff out on a 30 series Garmin we have at TR HQ. We’ll keep you posted on what we find!

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Did a factory reset on the Garmin 830 and the field has corrected itself. Back to normal!