Outdoor time trials and adaptive training

Morning all and apologies in advance for a potentially silly query!

If I wanted to ensure adaptive training captures an outdoor time trial race…best way to do it?

Currently (and corrrect me if wrong) I believe that adaptive training doesn’t capture outside work outs…but if I scheduled a workout that was around 30 minutes long at threshold (like Darwin -5) then just used my iOS device in my pocket with my power meter, then TR wouldn’t spot the difference?

Thoughts? Would I need to set the workout to be an ‘inside workout’ or will the whole ‘outside FTP difference’ skew the ML?

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If I were to do something like that I’d likely push out a workout to my Garmin (if you have wahoo this probably won’t work) and do that to get the time trial associated with the workout. Outside workouts do work for progression levels with Garmin. I suppose the iOS in the pocket might work too, it’s worth a try!

I have an ancient garmin (500) that doesn’t have any of the push features…I think I’ll go for the iOS in pocket option!



You can associate any outside ride with any TR workout.
So I would add the closest TR workout to your calendar, and record using your Garmin.
Then when it uploads on the app you can select that its associated with your workout.

I would hold off doing that because associating an outside workout after the fact won’t have it factor into the progression level at this point. You kind have to have an active workout going

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One thing that would make that tricky is the the outdoor workouts all tend to include ‘lap button press’ rest interval between the warm up and any main intervals so that you can start the working sets at an appropriate piece of road.

If you started the workout and put the unit in your pocket you’d probably never reach the main set and if you did get to start the TT at the start of the first interval of Darwin-5 you’d finish the TT in that rest interval between the 2 work intervals.

I was thinking of just resetting up the app to use my power meter only and ‘pretend’ I’m inside on a dumb trainer?


Ah Ok. That might be worth a go to see how it works.