Adaptive Training Incorporating outdoor works

I do the majority of my workouts outdoors. I do some indoors, e.g, long sweet spot or FTP Intervals. But I can do and prefer to do hill repeats, short VO2 Max or Neuromuscular intervals, and FTP tests outdoors. In addition I do one group ride /week and long slow distance rides, e.g. 60-80 miles outdoors. I use a power meter and HRM on all my rides.
I would love to have the benefits of adaptive training’s insights and recommendations if it could incorporate my outdoor rides into its analysis. Until then it doesn’t make sense for me to sign up for any plan.

Most workouts in the TR library have an outdoor version that you can push to your Garmin or Wahoo. AT will use that info for adaptations.

Have you reviewed the existing TR Outside Workout functions for Wahoo and Garmin?

If you follow these, and handle the post-ride survey, these are included in AT.

Thank you!

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