Outdoor rides and your plan/progression levels

I recently started using my Wahoo for outside TR training rides. If I do something along the lines of Petit for an hour, complete the workout, and continue my ride for another hour in various terrain will TR take the second hour into account when determining progression levels?

In other words, do non TR workouts/rides factor into determining progression levels when you are in the middle of a training plan?


  • No, it won’t… if you are just riding longer when the planned ride was 1 hour.
  • Not unless they are paired / matched to planned workouts on your calendar (as added by a training plan or manually by you).

This is all intended to be “fixed” by the pending Levels 2.0 that has been in the works.

For reference, a very similar topic:

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For endurance work it’s fairly easy to go through the alternatives and pick a workout with the same length and IF as your outside ride. Use the match ride feature and your progression levels will reflect what you did outside.

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