Associating unplanned outdoor rides to help with progression levels

When you do unplanned outdoor rides as I have here on Monday and today do they have any bearing on your progression levels? if not, and you associate it with a workout does that then count towards your progression levels and is taken in to account by AT?

apologies if this has been asked a hundred times

  • Not without additional work.
  • Yes, but keep in mind the pure fact that this is a “hack” in the sense that the Progression Levels assigned are based directly on the TR workout you choose to associate, NOT the actual workout (and related effort) that you did.

  • It’s an imperfect solution until they finally release Levels 2.0 that is aimed at directly assessing these workouts in their actual state.


Cheers Chad

That helps explain a lot, thank you for replying
The new release sounds exciting and a big step forward :+1:t2: