Does AT analyze Riding after workout?

If you schedule a workout outside and continue to ride after the workout once complete. Does AT analyze the extra portion of the ride and account for the effort?

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Most likely not in the current state.

That will only come once they release the Levels 2.0 that has been teased for a while.


^^ Chad is Correct! Sorry about that, we are hustling to finish Levels V2 that will account for all outside unstructured rides, added time to existing workouts, etc. :slight_smile:


On that note @IvyAudrain : Would it be possible to remove the target power zone for outside rides after the regular cooldown? If I am not completely done in for, I usually continue the ride in Z2 rather than Z1. This means that I’m getting power zone alarms all the time though. Currently, I simply press the lap button to finish the workout and then immediately press start again. I would modify the workout pre-ride, but I have no idea if that would mess with the ride being recognised as a TR workout.


Workout Levels V2 will definitely be finished before we could make that change to every existing outside workout. :sunglasses:


Understood, but that wouldn’t change anything with regard to the power zone alarms being off (Z1 vs Z2). Do you know if I can modify the workout before I start riding to change the target zone after the regular cool down from Z1 to Z2?

Thx as always :slight_smile:

Not without making a custom workout unfortunately, but in Workout Creator its fairly easy to make a duplicate of an already existing workout, and modify something like the cooldown target power/duration. :+1:

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…or simply on the head unit :wink:

Thanks, Ivy

Can’t you press the Lap button instead?

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I could, but then I wouldn’t have any power zone alarms set.

edit: Well, perhaps I could set a default alarm for the TR profile on my head unit. There’s an idea…