Outdoor ride, still on the trainer!

I’m really trying to stick to my plan, whiteface 100 mtb has not yet been canceled or postponed. I really wanted to go mtb my local trails today but I’m in my first week of specialty with my new ftp that is quite a bit higher then my previous, so I know it is crucial for me to nail my workouts right now.

I just could NOT ride within the dark, concrete walls of my basement today, I just couldn’t do it. 55F degrees and sunny this morning, I knew exactly what I had to do!

I never used my Tacx neo 2t outdoors, or unplugged, but figured, why not! I can’t believe how easy it was to set up the trainer in my back yard with no power source. It worked flawlessly.

Today my workout was Galena. So 3x20min@90%-94%. This would typically be a very hard workout to complete as long, steady state intervals are not my strong suit. I can honestly say that I was shocked at how much more motivation I had being outside, soaking up some sun, watching my kids mtb on our little backyard trail, and havBig a nice 55F degree breeze blowing on me the entire time. It made the entire experience exponentially better!

Just thought I’d share, and if you ever want to change things up, I’d highly recommend doing this. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to do it again!


Good on you! I’ve considered taking the trainer outside, but have yet to try it. Today was supposed to be an outside day, but it started work -2C and 25-35kmh winds so I gave up. Opened my basement window and rode for 2 hours. I was actually quite cold during cool down and right after as it quite quite chilly inside. Very pleasant, but certainly not the outdoors.

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3x30 sweet spot outside today on my MTB. My local trails are climb-climb-climb, descend-descend-descend, so relatively easy to get a structured workout in. Today was on a forest road though. Trails still snowed in.


I would love that! We don’t have any trails or roads with a long enough climb for anything close to a 20 minute interval, let alone 30! Nice work!

Great idea. I’ve been using my rollers for recovery rides on the patio, it’s been great riding outdoors…stationary.

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I tried this week, bit low on wind in the sun but at cooler times or less VO2 aimed work it will be lovely.


Did you get the “Backyard: Grass to Road” KoM ???

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:joy:. I was right along the road that runs adjacent to my property, it’s a slight short climb, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t imagine myself riding the segment.

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