They Noticed :-)

After my first winter of TrainerRoad, the guys on the local Saturday ride commented today that I seem to be going a leeeetle beet faster this year than last, and by leetle they mean why are you in front of me when you used to be behind me. :slight_smile:

Thank you TR!



That is an awesome feeling.

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Kinda the same thing with me. More along the line of “you’re keeping up with us even though we’ve been out in this crappy weather all winter?!” :sunglasses:


Since I don’t ride outside much and very rarely ride with other people, I always enjoy that feeling of noticing a fitness gain when doing my monthly drop-ride. Reminds me of when I was racing cars and had a horsepower centered build over aero and tire-size points.

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Curious…what was your FTP progression over the winter?

I noticed specially a short power improvement, this helps a lot to make a good friend (not a TR user) to lose your wheel when going fast on flat.

Haha, same for me after my first race this year. I went from fighting for the front pack of my age group last year in Cat 2 XCO, to winning 1st in my age group and 2nd overall in all of Cat 2 with 168 racers. The guys were, dude, you improved so much :man_shrugging:.

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I do the 20-minute FTP test. My first test was Oct. 1. I came in at 210 watts (3.42 w/kg). My latest test, taken today, was 228 watts (3.58 w/kg). I’ve put on five pounds since Oct.

The Oct. 1 test was taken after a month off the bike. My Nov. 19 FTP test result was 226 watts. I’ve tested four times since then, about every 4 to 6 weeks and all the results have been in the 223 to 228 watts range.

The overall power hasn’t rocketed up but how long I can sustain the power has increased dramatically, as to be expected after 24 weeks of base training. I did the full 12-week Traditional Base program followed by Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2. I just entered the fifth week of Sustained Power Build.


Awesome! Keep up the work. Great to reap the benefits of your hard work

My hill climbing is way improved after this winter’s training. Someone called me a natural climber on last Saturday’s ride :grinning: Natural as in the ‘I trained all winter for this’ sense of the word…