OK, TR is officially "on" now

Weather here in the Chiago area took a dive overnight. Rain, cold and mixed snow (thankfully no accumulation…yet). Crap weather the rest of the week, too…maybe 1-3" of the white stuff on Thursday.


So I started my TR program this AM…Ramp Test followed by Whorl just to get some extra miles in. using a Elite Direto w/ iPad and running Zwift off my Surface Pro. Will probably switch to running TR on my phone and then using my iPad to watch stuff on the TV and still running Zwift off the Surface. Figure as long as I am on the trainer, I might as well get credit for the mileage in Zwift and move up a few levels.

Planning on TBMV from now until January and then switching over to SSBMV and going up from there. Goal is to finally hit 4 w/kg FTP (~280w) with a (BIG) stretch goal of 300w. I have been around 270w previously in peak form, so I think I can get to 4 w/kg. Don’t think the stretch goal is likely as I have been riding for 30 years and there just aren’t likely big gins to be had at this point…but we’ll give it a go.

Don’t think I’ll ever do another 20 min FTP test, though…Ramp Test is much more accessible. I always dreaded testing before, but the Ramp Test is nowhere near as bad. Yeah, the last few minutes suck, but I’ll take that any day over suffering for 20 min. Results came out better than I expected…results were ~10w higher than my estimate.

We’ll see how the journey goes…really want to be more structured in my winfer training this year and see if I can make some improvements, especially in VO2 Max level efforts once the season rolls around.