Sunday Workout or Outside Ride

Missed my Carpathian +2 over/under workout yesterday due to plumbing issues. I feel it should get done today but I’m really jonesing to ride the gravel bike and it’s super nice out. I’d rather do over/unders on the trainer for maximum accuracy. And I only have 2 hours to ride because of my newborn. Sometimes I get so addicted to the trainer that I forget about why I ride.

What would you do?

I can appreciate wanting to hit all your marks and keep things accurate. I am the same way. I believe there is a lot to be said about “soul rides” where you just go ride. Look around. Appreciate the bicycle and being outside.

You could also do the workout outside or even split the difference of workout vs. soul ride and do the -1 version for an hour and the other hour just ride. :grinning:


I’d say if the weather is good, ride outside. The weather has been good for me and have been doing more and more outside versions of the workouts. I know they’d be more beneficial on the trainer, but the being outside really brings a smile to my face. If you head outside, ride with a plan so the effort moves you towards your goals.


I thought about splitting it but I wouldn’t be able to really get anywhere outside.

I’m leaning towards outside. I’ve just been making some good gains on the trainer and this past 2 weeks with a newborn have been a little spotty. This week I got in 2 trainer rides and a solid outdoor ride and I want to keep this momentum going.

I think my body and mind is telling me to go outside.

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