Optimal Protein Intake?

So I understand that the body absorbs only 20 grams of protein at one time. Please correct me if I am wrong. My question is, how long does it take to absorb that and how often should I be consuming the said 20 grams of protein? Being over 50 I want to maximize my protein intake.


Have a look at this video. This particular expert (who at least appears to know what he is talking about) says 30g is the optimum for actual protein synthesis but that it depends a lot on the amount of leucine in the actual protein you are consuming. I’m 63 and trying to lose weight but retain muscle by going on what he says. Time will tell.


Thanks! So that answered one question, the cycle lasts about 3 hours. Now i see that he recomends 30 grams. How fast do i have to intake that? Like all at once? Do i have 15 minutes 35? One hour? I ask because im still burping up sardines from 3 hours ago. :joy::eyes:

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I believe that it is totally dependent on your age as when you get older your body absorbs less of the protein consumed so you actually need to eat more as you age. This is from joe Friels book “fast after 50”

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I’ve no idea. He mentions 30g at one meal so I’ve taken it as a 30 to 60 minute “window”, only because that’s the length of time it takes me to eat a typical meal. Provided you are not dribbling it in over an extended period it’s probably not that critical.

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I think you’re slightly overthinking it haha. Even if you eat it all in 5 minutes youre not going to immediately absorb it. It will just all sit in your stomach. As long as you’re getting about .75 to .9ish grams of protein per pound of body weight per day and spreading that into 3-5ish meals or snacks then you’re good.

0.8-1.5g per lb of lean body mass. It’s a fairly big window for most people and can easily be attainable without supplements

Wow. That video is pretty crazy. Carbs are evil if you just sit around. But maybe we are supposed to be fat so we can survive in these streets without food for a while.

Yeah, that makes me wonder how you body knows it has 30grams to start the protein synthesis? No, I never over think anything :joy::sweat_smile::joy:

30 minute walk every day qualifies as a good workout??? That’s absolutely insane. And when he mentions carb intake in relation to exercise and says it should be 3 hours a day of exercise to require that amount of carbs I’m assuming he means 3 hours of walking. Has to be.

The 3g of Leucine in the protein says to the body “Hi here’s 3g of Leucine - go do your stuff”

Thought I’d add my questions to this thread rather than starting a new one.

Based on a fairly popular estimate of 1.2-2g/kg of bodyweight, and weighing 84kg myself, I need to eat between 100 and 150g of protein every day for proper recovery and adaptation.

Now, given that it’s also agreed that 20-30g is the max you can intake in any one serving, that means I’d have to be eating 7 or 8meals/snacks (based on highest intake and lowest dose) to get correct protein everyday.

What are everyone’s thoughts on that?

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

1 protein shake, 25g, (tid bit more if you use…soy milk)
3 meals with 30g each, and youre at 115g
Take one greek yogourt as a snack and you’re at 125g and if you pair it with some nuts you might be able to increase it a bit

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I’ve heard the same, that humans can assimilate as high as 30grams of protein for one intake, the rest goes to be transformed as fat, BUT, (and I’m saying I heard because I don’t have references to back it up), new studies suggests that it doesn’t really matter the timing when you consume the protein (in relation with sport activity), I has to be available for the body to use it, so the best way is, as they say above, to consume it in portions throughout the day to keep steady flow.

I also weight about 84kg; and some sports experts have recommended 1,6-2,0 grams of protein for kg of weight, so I recon I have to take about that 30gram per meal and some other snacks to complete another 60gram.

That is for theory, I would like to know more about assessing right protein intake with body singals, what symptoms should I be on the look out to check if I’m consuming to less of it.


I try and 4 meals a day with 30g Protein or 20g with 1 g Leucine supplement. On a day when I ride Breakfast: meusli with whey protein mixed with full fat yoghurt, glass of milk,1g Leucine. Mid Ride coffee stop cheese & ham omelette large latte with an extra shot. When I get home a Huel shake and dinners whatever my wife makes. Total 120g per day

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I have heard/ read this also. However, you can google articles that will state this is nonsense. The body will eventually absorb the protein.

I don’t know, bro…this you’ll have to find for yourself, as your chemistry is different from someone else. One thing I noticed for myself is protein powder led to fat and water retention. I found this out after speaking with someone who has a wealth of knowledge in this field. I took in a lot of protein powder through the years, due to my previous lifestyle (amateur bodybuilding). I can tell you after speaking with someone who is a lot smarter than me, I found protein powder is garbage: full of bs chemicals and filler. I came home and threw all my powder out (hundreds of dollars worth). I began getting all my protein through natural sources: lean meats, eggs, and milk. For the first time since 2003 when I left basic combat training, I was 190. Then I dropped to 181. What changed? For starters, I followed TrainerRoad to a “t,” but I also got my nutrition in check. Just like energy drinks, no longer will I utilize an outside source protein product. I’m not an expert; moreover, just one with an experience in this, and also one who cares about others. Take it or leave it…that’s my story :smiley:


I’ve always been under the impression that 0.8-1.5g per lb of lean body mass is sufficient. Protein seems overrated in the sense that a lot of “old school” body builders will say 200+ grams per day is what you need.
If you keep it to 0.8-1.5/lb of LBM that will amount to a reasonable amount of protein you can attain through foods without resorting to protein powders. We want to retain our muscle after all and not lose any but at the end of the day you will always lose a little bit when you enter a caloric deficit

I’ve come across credible experiences where they consumed all their protein in just one hit on OMAD intermittent fasting diets.

The claimed 1 - 2g per lb of lean bodyweight… Meh could be bullsh*t spouted by supplement companies, supported by athletes sponsored by them.

I always start getting fat when I consume the powder

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