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Currently I’m fasted from 8PM to 11AM the next morning, I’m thinking about changing that because I’m not getting enough protein throughout the course of the day. I’m on the bike 6+ hours a week and do powerlifting twice a week, after listening to one of the TR podcasts I learned that I should be taking in around 100g of protein a day; if I only absorb 20-30g per meal then I’m only taking in 40-60g per day.

That said, I don’t want to increase my fat/carb intake at the same time since I’m not working out in the mornings. I’m thinking about a protein shake with my morning coffee, but I’ve heard horror stories about what goes into those shakes. Any suggestions on this one?

Thanks all and Happy New Year!

Make your own, protein powder and water, easy and nothing else is in it but the powder.

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if I only absorb 20-30g per meal

you absorb way more than that. (that 20-30 gram myth really has to die)


I eat instant oatmeal in the morning and add Creatine and protein powder to it.

If you just want protein, perhaps a couple of egg whites? Egg whites are a very high quality useable protein.


Thanks, how much protein can a body absorb and do you have a link to an article? I tried looking it up and it seems like the 20-30g is all over the place.

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It’s a bit more complicated. Here’s a video (with references) about protein absorption and synthesis and even touches on intermittent fasting. The problem with most science is that they look at an ccute effect. protein synthesis is maxed out with a certain bolus, but what if you take a meal that takes 6+ hours to digest … is still only 20-30 grams of protein used… I highly doubt it. I’d say just eat a bit more protein per meal and you’ll be fine. And 3 meals isn’t too far fetched either with a 9 hour feeding window… been there, done that… pre-workout shake at 11, post workouit lunch, dinner and some slow digested protein before bed (quark))

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Hammer Nutrition is a trusted brand, expensive though.


Make a salmon smoothie.

All natural ingredients with Omega 3s to boot.

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If there is ever a chance of getting tested, I’d avoid any non real food products altogether, regardless of brand.

I thought the deal with 20-30g is that is what it takes to trigger muscle synthesis. Eat more if you want, but that won’t extend the muscle synthesis phase. What you CAN do is eat more 20-30g protein meals about 3 hours apart to keep riding the anabolic wave more of the day.

Interesting video. I’ve been listening to two sports nutritionists on the Climb Science podcast (deep dive city) and they are very into getting the 20 grams of protein bolus 4-5X per day. I read about a body builder that was shooting for 7X per day.