Finished Sweet Spot Base l & specialty on schedule

Hi, I just finished Sweet Spot Base l. On my training schedule, a specialty phase is planned for the next few weeks. However, I do not have a race planned this summer. Should I start Sweet Spot Base ll, a build phase or should I still proceed with the specialty phase?

I just got out of a SSBl phase. Yesterday I have done the FTP test and my FTP went from 181 to 201. My goal is to increase my FTP at the moment and to be able to maintain higher watts for a longer time as well.

Thank you in advance!

I think ditching Specialty and just following the normal progression would make more sense because you aren’t aiming for a specific event date.

  • SSB1 > SSB2 > Build and then Specialty if you want or restart SSB as desired.
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Thank you for the help! I think I will start SSB2 then :wink:

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