One workout a week

If you wanted to do just one indoor workout a week to maintain as much cycling fitness as possible (so you can start base in 6 weeks time not having de conditioned completely), what would you go for?

Over/unders, VO2, sweet spot, 3 hour base ride, maximise TSS or maybe it doesn’t matter anyway since you are not going to maintain much on that schedule so just have some fun…?

VO2max. Something like Baird +6 personally even though that might be cheating with the added aerobic work on the back. I’d do a VO2max interval set with as much zone 2 after as you can handle. (But your comment about maintaining much fitness on that schedule is true… still, anything is better than nothing!)

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Can’t decide between variants of Wright Peak for sweet spot or Elephants for Threshold.
Probably Sweet Spot if going into base.

Could always do a kitchen sink workout with a bit of everything.

Disaster? :thinking: :hot_face:


Hmmm…if i had my best interests at heart, i’d probably do a really long outdoor ride with hills.
But honestly it’d probably be over unders, because I like them. Maybe a combo workout like Julius Caesar.