Only 1 indoor workout per week?

I need help picking my 3rd ride of the week? I usually ride a fast Tuesday outside (30+ miles, 22mph avg) and a long weekend ride (~60 miles, 17-19mph), everything rolling hills or climbing. I stick to the TR plans for a solid 20 weeks over the winter, but just head outside when it warms up and when its not raining.

What sort of Thursday ride should I do indoors? VO2 Max? Sweet spot? Threshold?

  • This gets my vote since they can be very rewarding in a broad sense and might just be different enough from your other rides to make a good variety within the week.

When will Chad McNeese be a guest on the podcast?


LOL, there are better and more educated ones to draw from around here.
But I appreciate the props a ton :smiley:


Iā€™d go VO2 max unless you are doing something like hill repeats. Otherwise you should be getting some of the rest out on the road.

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Focus on something that will address your weaknesses.


agree with Murph; what are you weakest at, or what is something that will be used to be event specific training coming up?

The Fast Tuesday right may have vo2max efforts in there but hard to tell; also, may not be the 95% vo2max metric that WKO4 really wants us all to get time at.

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