One of those days

Tonight was first session back after flu (right at end of SSB1!), so bumped SSB2 to next week and eased back in with some moderate / SS sessions for rest of this week.

Wasn’t mean to be.

My TR controller (old Samsung phone using ANT) calibrates but then drops out and won’t reconnect. Go back inside and grab new phone, connect on Bluetooth.

Start Mount Field and hear a clicking from trainer. Pause, check, nothing, resume. Finish warm up and still clicking. Pause, check, nothing, resume. Finish low bit and do first interval, by end trainer rumbling. Pause, check very carefully, find trainer roller is fine but tyre starting to look like surface of the moon. Remember tyre is 5000 miles old and probably ready for bin. Grab replacement tyre, struggle in near freezing garage to mount tyre. Go inside house and fit tyre, go back out to garage, pump up, fit back on bike. Decide it wasn’t mean to be tonight, went and had dinner.

Hope you all had a better training day than me.


power test today…had 1 drop of my ERG connection. guess when it happened?

you are not alone my friend

Oh no!

Here is to a better session for us all next time.

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Man, I don’t like hearing these stories. :disappointed:
Things always happen though, so we can’t let them derail us!

I had an off day yesterday, I’ve been overloading my training before some time off and was too fatigued - first time I’ve failed a workout in a while.
Here’s to a better day next time!

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