Ever have a workout so good you questioned the trainer calibration?

We talk so much about failed workouts. What about ones where you smash it?

I occasionally have a workout where it feels “easy” and I need to boost 5-12% to get the same RPE/HR. Workouts in the days before/after feel normal at 100%, but I get these on occasion. Most recently it was with Columbine and McAdie in SSBMV1. Coming off of a month off, lowered by FTP 5% at beginning of offseason. First week or 2 were tough but I have had a pretty quick uptake again.

It was easy enough that I checked/rechecked calibration, settings, devices, etc… Could it be a tech issue or do folks sometimes just have those kinds of hero days? Any experiences?

This happened to me twice for Leconte at the end of SSB MV2. It was like… A joke almost. I made sure everything was reading normally, and it was. My teammate did Leconte on the same day and had similar results.

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My Saturday workout this happened. I started switching between power match on and off, did spin downs and zero offsetting. It still felt to easy so bumped up intensity until it felt right. After the ride I changed my power meter battery and did a advanced spin down in the Wahoo app. Doing the same workout today but slightly extended so I’ll see how it goes.

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I found out that my smart trainer was defective and showing about 30 watts too high at FTP when I finally bought a power meter (even when it was calibrated).

Yes a few times in the past couple years. I have actually stopped rezeroed and another spin down and still felt the same. Some days you are the hammer most days you are the nail!


Just finished Spruce Knob (2x30m SS). First interval drained me so took a minute off the bike. Second interval was super manageable - until I realised that my powermeter disconnected and my Kickr was over reading by 2%…

This experience aside, I did Phoenix at the end of last week, and I had to back pedal 2 times + lower the intensity for 15 minutes. Redid it yesterday - felt really comfortable! It’s amazing what a rest day can do!

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Yeah, I find it funny that when workouts are too hard that no question it is my fault. But when I feel great, something must be wrong. Ha.

This is my 4th TR season starting and I know how rides are supposed to feel. I also know that consistency, rest, lack of stress, and good nutrition really are the key - all which had been on-point for me over the last few weeks. This week, not so much. I’ll take it where I can get it.

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Yes, 2x 20 minute intervals over threshold the week before last ~ 102% and 104%. Checked the calibration, torque on pedal etc all good.

Got a cold now though so not smelling of roses.

These are the days you try to save for race day!

I had more than a years worth of workouts like that before I realised my Snap was full of shit!

Still, thanks for the free 60+ watts, Wahoo!

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For me I am trying some new workouts I created in the workout creator app. So I’m trying to target a heart rate near the end of each set. The 30/15 workout has been feeling easier so I keep bumping up intensity. Saturday the first set felt to easy and wasn’t raising HR so today I extended each set and still bumped up intensity. I’m doing a polarized approach with only two hard days a week so maybe I’m just feeling fresh. In another two weeks I’ll do a ramp test to see if I actually gained (or lost) fitness. That test will dictate how I proceed with my training.

I have a snap too. When I first got my stages PM There was an over 30w difference (lower) vs. the snap. Talk about an ego blow! But I got over it.

12-13 years using power…never. Not once. Matter of fact, I have to turn down the intensity on many workouts. Further, my 1, 5, 20, & hour power or easily lower than what most peers and the general guy riding around report.