Back after injury, incorporating group rides, and weekly planning


Unfit as had a few months off with broken collarbone and need to get myself lighter and back up to speed ready for next year.

I am thinking of doing Sweet Spot base low volume and then adding in a Sunday group ride, currently with my easier group on Sunday I will do 3 hours 350 TSS, I assume that tss will come down quickly as my FTP gets back up to where it was before accident. That will give me around 550-600 TSS per week at moment. Does that sound reasonable thing to do?

Also how would I plan it, I am thinking;

Monday - Rest
Tues - Moderate
Wed - Difficult
Thurs - Rest
Fri - Moderate
Sat - Rest
Sun - 3/4 hr Group Ride (difficult compared to the other base workouts, but moderate in terms of group rides.

Is there a better way to plan the week?

Thanks for the help.