Off Season - Rest Period - Sweet Spot Base Sequence?

My crit racing season is over and I want to start my transition into off-season/rest. Which sequence do you use?


  1. 4-6 week off-season casual riding
  2. 2-3 week rest (no riding)
  3. Start SSB 1



  1. 2-3 week rest (no riding)
  2. 4-6 week off-season casual riding
  3. Start SSB 1

If you need more context to answer the question, like how many miles I ride per week, age, etc., please let me know and I will elaborate.


B is the traditional method… But why not try A, experiment and report back with some data?

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B …unless you live somewhere where you will be not able to do some fun rides because of the weather in which case A…that said I just change focus - run more ride less and do some running races in the winter …of course that doesn’t work if you don’t run…but I think the key thing is do something different that is a mental/physical break - but stops you getting fat! :grin: