Help me plan for 4 weeks off the bike this winter

Looking for a bit of advice/feedback – I’m currently planning my winter training schedule for my road racing season that spans from March – September (Ireland).

However this year I will have 4 weeks off the bike due to travel commitments in January, usually just as I’m starting build phase.

How would you guys recommend that I set up my Base – Build schedule? Right now I was thinking along the lines of:

  • Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2 – October – December
  • Short Power Build – Late Jan – Mid March

Usually once racing starts in March/April I transition to outdoor riding as group rides and spring racing leagues start up, so usually don’t get to fully complete the speciality phase.

Any advice or thoughts appreciated.

Anyone? :cry:

I would recommend seeing some type of time on the bike during that four week break, because a break that large will see you lose some of the gains you made in SSB.

A good rule of thumb is that you lose fitness about as quickly as your gain it if you become completely sedentary during a period of time. A few rides per week can help you maintain, but otherwise we recommend stepping back in your plan upon your return.

In other words, when you returned, we would recomend stepping back 4 weeks in your plan after a four week break.

For this reason, a good approach would be:

Sweet Spot Base 1
Sweet Spot Base II
Short Power Build (Weeks 1-4)
Short Power Build (Weeks 1-8)
Mid March

You would complete the Weeks 1-4 of Build twice.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Bryce!
I will be on vacation during the four weeks and plan to do a lot of walking and hiking, and will hopefully get 2 or three days on the bike too.

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