Delayed Off-Season

Hi! I just started to sign up for some Crit. races this year. Next year I would like to train/race in a more structured way/plan. I plan to start with the Sweet Spot base, however, at Xmas, I’ll be off for 2 weeks (kinda Off-Season, I will have no option to ride.)
Should I start with the structured Base phase now and take those 2 weeks as Off-Season and continue with the Base in January?
Is anyone else in the same situation, how would you approach it?

Thanks All.

I’d time starting SSB1 so that the recovery week at the end of SSB1 coincides with the first week of your two weeks off. If your two weeks starts 26 Dec then that would mean kicking off SSB1 on 21st November. :+1:

Then jump right back in to SSB2 after those two weeks. You’ll have a ramp test scheduled on day 1 so you can either do the test or use AI FTP detection to get an FTP to calibrate your upcoming workouts and Adaptive Training will take it from there.

Edit to add: if you’re feeling adventurous, you might also want to add in an extra workout (or a couple of harder alternates) in week 5 of SSB1, given that you’ll have two weeks of recovery. Might give you a nice bump to make up for the time off to follow.


Good stuff. Thanks for the reply @Helvellyn. I will start with the SSB1 on the 16th or 17th of November.

I will see about the extra workouts at the end, I usually do some strength exercises as well (this will be the first time using TrainerRoad and an indoor trainer).
Thanks again :+1:

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