Timing End of Training with CX Season

As the title notes, I’m looking for some general suggestions on how to wrap up the timing of my training season.

I started the season with sweet spot base, then short power build, now I’m completing sweet spot base again.

Plan is to do short power build again, then the CX specialty. Issue is, as I’ve inserted a couple additional rest weeks (i"m 40…kinda figured out my body doesn’t take too well to the 5 week training blocks. Or I’m a wuss. Maybe both.), The way it’s scheduled, I would be starting the CX specialty 2 weeks before the start of cross season.

Does it make sense to shorten the short power build? Or, alternatively, lop off the last two weeks of SSB2, and go straight into short power build this week?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Why not keep it as it is and do he specialty during the season? I try to end build at the start of the season and time the speciality to peak around mid season.

Also in the build and speciality the blocks are 3 weeks then rest, so you might be better with those. I’m 44 and managed the low volume in the season.

Yup. I wasn’t necessarily against working the specialty through the season.

And yea, I had a much better time with the 3 week build in terms of fatigue, even with additional outdoor riding, than I did with the 5 week base block WITHOUT the extra outdoor rides.