Nutrition on trainer

These are off the HOOK! Are they really that bad? Like a bar, right? Good for replenishing glycogen stores :smile:


I look at them in one of two ways: 1. I think they’re ok for intra training nutrition or right before as they’re quick digesting carbs. 2. Probably not ideal as post training recovery (though this probably isn’t how you’re using them since I just realized you titled your post nutrition ON trainer. Doh!)because the first listed ingredients are all processed. 3. There’s also a part of me that follows the 80/20 rule and if their is your daily 20. One can do a lot worse! 4. FWIW I love the peanut butter ones!

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Good during and maybe immediately after if it was a longer workout. Taken too long before and you might be in for an insulin/glucose roller coaster ride. Definitely not like a bar. :smiling_imp:

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I know there’s more to nutrition than just macronutrients, but this does seem basically the same as a standard sports bar:

Kellogg’s - Pop-tarts - Frosted Pumpkin Pie
Calories 200
Total Fat 5g
Total Carbs 36g
Sugars 14g
Protein 2g

Clif Bar - Iced Gingerbread
Calories 250
Total Fat 6g
Total Carbs 43g
Sugars 23g
Protein 9g

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I guess it depends on what kind of bar you’re talking about. That clif bar is practically candy too lol. In that sense, you’re pretty close and I think the pop tart tastes better. There are all sorts of bars but I find most have a little less sugar to other carb ratio.

I guess the big factor you might be missing here is the fiber content and structure as that may affect absorption and how your gut reacts. The clif bar uses oats I think, whereas the pop tart is pretty much sugar with processed starch. I suspect the pop tart will be absorbed faster. Whether it’s better or worse depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Agreed the Clif Bar is mostly a candy bar too - just did think it was an interesting comparison, if the OP had said he ate Clif bars (nothing against that brand) during a ride it would have seemed totally normal. The pop tarts are probably a bit messy/crumbly though, better on the trainer than in a jersey pocket.

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What length trainer rides do people start taking on nutrition/food etc. I’d never even consider taking on anything but water for 60 or 75 min workouts - maybe a little something for 90 mins…maybe I’m wrong???

I eat for trainer rides of 90 minutes or more. The pop tarts are a nice throwback to childhood, but never mind. Too messy. I’m sticking with GoMacro bars.

Looks like diabetes :wink:


I use skratch on pretty much every ride. Probably would take a gel on anything 90+. I might have a gel or something quick before shorter rides depending on when I ate last.

Depends on how close the ride is to the previous meal and the intensity of the workout. Carb intake for workouts with efforts 85%+ of FTP would be beneficial and can reduce RPE. If the lack of food intake isn’t hampering your workouts then it’s not a big deal. Just make sure you’re fueled for recovery after.

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I think the sad part here is how bad for you the clif bar is outside of exercise and the people that think they’re eating something healthy when they’re practically eating pop tarts! Yea for sure pop tarts are not good in jersey pockets. They break up easily. I tried. :joy:

I guess the other thing to note is that pop tarts are calorically dense. That’s 200 calories for one…so 400 calories in that package. :thinking:

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When I’m scheduled to do a workout that exceeds 75 minutes I start taking on nutrition from the start similar to how I would if it was an outdoor ride. Most of my workouts start around 4:15 a.m. , and I do them all “fasted” unless it’s a long one or has a significant amount of vo2 max content. By fasted I mean that I intake nothing from about two hours before I go to bed until after the workout.
When the workout requires nutrition I use Tailwind. It’s my normal race and ride fuel and is entirely liquid. For the upcoming “Worldwide Disaster Day” I’ll probably also have some Nature’s Bakery fig bars handy as well.

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I usually make sugary drinks… (Fake skratch lab)
A big scoop of sugar (or honey), lemon, and Himalayan salt.
Find it a nuisance to eat during a long indoor sess.

Too much fat and protein slows down the carb intake.

If I have really want to eat I always have Fig bar on stand by.

Over 90min I’ll take on nuun/skratch and a snack. Generally try and time long workouts so that I’m eating a meal straight after.

Great point about rapid insulin fluctuations!