Not recommended workouts

I’m on a plan builder plan, which has me doing a 5 week base block followed by a couple of build weeks and then back to base. This is all fine and expected, as I’m building to an A event in mid-summer 2022.
Since moving to AT I haven’t done any VO2 or above work so my levels are 1 for those.
My query is that in my first build week, next week, it throws me into a VO2 max at 6.1, which is classed as not recommended. Has anyone else had this? I was expecting an adaption nearer the time but as it’s only a few days away I guess it won’t now.
For ref my FTP is probably set a bit low (but probably only 5-10w) and I have a sweetspot progression of 7.1 as that’s what I’ve been doing in base.
The VO2 session I’m talking about is called Baird +5. I’m going to trust AT and give it a go. I think I could probably do it - but the ‘Not Recommended’ status got me worried.

Any thoughts / experiences welcome.


I’ve only ever seen AT adapt workouts for the phase (eg base, build) that you’re currently in. Once you start build it will adjust based on your PLs at the time.

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Ha ha, thanks @rkoswald
Looks like I’ll find out what’s in store at 5am on Monday morning then! I’ll mentally prepare for the one listed at the moment and then hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The first workout should be a Ramp test, I would expect your future workouts to be adjusted after you do that and if you haven’t done any VO2 it won’t give to Baird +5.

It’s not giving a ramp test for this build as it’s just one of those short ones (2 weeks) that PB does sometimes mid base phase. I have another ramp test after this short build, at the start of base 2.

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In which case I think you’re covered as per @rkoswald s advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to update on this. I logged into the app this morning and no adaption to the ‘not recommended’ workout. I’ve raised a ticket with support as I think it could be something to do with the workout it has recommended - Baird +5. When I look at the workout in the app I usually see some alternatives, but in this case that box is missing.
I think I’ll self select a VO2 workout for today that better matches the progression levels on VO2 for the rest of this phase.

@EdToogood I think you can do it so don’t be afraid to give it a try. But if on the day you don’t feel like you have the legs you should click on the ‘Alternates’ button and find something that is more in your wheelhouse.

I love that Alternates button!! Wonder what percent of users who click on the Alternates button select a workout that has a LOWER level vs a HIGHER level.

Sounds like a bug - there’s usually alternates, there was an issue before where the odd workout had no alternates available, but I just checked on my app and Baird +5 definitely has alternates showing for me.

(also if you’re who I think you are - CV represent :wink: )

Maybe it doesn’t show alternatives, as it’s not recommended??
Anyway… Support have come back to me, refreshed and updated my plan and it’s changed today’s workout to a more reasonable one :blush:
@bobmcstuff - you’re correct. I’ll await a strava comment so I can find out who you are :slight_smile: I think your TR name is a little more incognito.

Hmm it’s not recommended for me either and if I open it up I see alternates - can drop it down easily to something that’s more sensible. So suggest it’s some kind of a bug (like you say it should have adjusted down anyway).

Yeah it’s more incognito, totally different to my real name but not really a secret - this name just comes from a random Hotmail account I had when I was 13 or 14 and I’ve used it for everything online ever since…

Any update on if this “bug” is fixed? I have the exact same issue with a short build block leading off with a ‘Not Recommended’ vo2 workout on Tuesday. I guess I can wait and see if it adjusts once I enter the week and adjust it in the day if I feel like it, but I’ve been really trying to stick to the AT guidance and it’s working so far