Is My Plan Correct?

I just finished Base 1 and am scheduled to start Build 1 for my next workout (tomorrow). Two things seem off/odd to me and have me wondering if there’s been some kind of glitch in my plan:

  1. My “week overview” says that I should be starting with a ramp test. However, my schedule has me down for a VO2 max workout.
  2. The progression level of the VO2 workout on my schedule is a 4.5 (“Breakthrough”) workout. I’m currently a “1” on VO2 workout so imagine that, while I might be able to do it, it will probably be (extra) terrible.

So I’m wondering: Could this be the right workout for me? Does AT really prescribe “breakthrough” workouts? Or might there be a glitch.

If it matters, I am using adaptive training. I thought I’d accepted all adaptations, but maybe I missed something?

Reach out to TR Support. Normally there would be a ramp test after Base.

One of the short builds in between base 1 and base 2, right? There have been a bunch of threads about this, I think it’s been doing this to a lot of people. I just went ahead and did the prescribed workout even though it was labeled “not recommended” and it was completely fine, I don’t think you actually HAVE to start everything at 1 just because you haven’t done a specific VO2 workout in a while. YMMV, but it does seem to be what the plans are giving people on day 1 of the short build. Most likely you have a ramp test scheduled for the first day of base 2.

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