Non-XDR cassette for SRAM AXS?

Hi! I am trying to get my Sram Force AXS equipped bike on my Wahoo Kickr.
Given that the Kickr is the '17 version and the answer from Wahoo on whether that works with their XDR driver was “upgrade to a new one”, is anyone aware of a non-XDR cassette that works with the flat top chain? I don’t need the smallest 10 cog, so any gearing would work.

I got this cassette from China,
it’s a regular 12s cassette 11~34t
my AXS cassette is 10-33,
so this one working great for me.

I just use an 11speed cassette on the standard shimano freehub body.

I do everything in erg mode so don’t need to change gears. The gears will change but it’s not pretty


So Zwfit racing will then be single speed I guess…may be good practice for my SSCX races :wink:

Rotor has 12x cassettes that work with the flat top chain and have a shimano freehub, but I am hesitant to spend $350 just for a trainer cassette. Maybe the single speed solution isn’t too bad, until some company makes a cheap “AXS trainer cassette”.

Sorry, I don’t know what Zwift races are like. Im talking about my Trainer Road experience using ERG mode.

Do you have the link?

Theres also this option, uses a standard 11 speed driver.

Update: i did get a cheap one on Alibaba. 40 dollars, took about 1 month to get here, and works pretty ok on the trainer. Given that I train mostly outdoors, that option beats the 350 dollar rotor cassette for me.

Would be great if you could share the link

Ok so since there arent any links from previous posters, I’ve gone ahead and ordered this one:

I went for the ultralight 11-32 which was £45 inc UK shipping.

It will probably take around a month to get here but will report back once I’ve tested it.

I also got the Sunshine 12 speed, same price. It took about 4 weeks and so far I have not had any issues (apart from Aliexpress sending tons of spam even though I opted out many times).

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I was never a fan of the black force cassette anyway! And the red is out of my price range. Thanks for the feedback. I feel a bit better about having ordered one now. I was tempted by the cheaper one but figured if it was any good then I may use it out on the road too and in that case, the cheaper one had quite the weight penalty!

So the shifting works well too without having to buy the XDR freehub? I have the kickr core and a new emonda with RED AXS arriving soon. Also have to wait for the new kickr core TA adaptor. Looks like I wont be training indoor anytime soon :frowning:

My sunshine cassette skipped in a few of the middle cogs. Apparently this isnt uncommon.

Eventually convinced the seller to send me a replacement which should arrive with me in a few weeks. I’ll try and be sure to report back

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I forget if it was your thread I commented on, but the new AXS chains use larger (fairly significantly) rollers, so if the cassettes from Ali are not designed for this then the roller won’t seat fully between the teeth and will skip, either immediately, or eventually (and prematurely)

Yep, it was yours.

The cassettes are designed for sram axs road.

All the cogs work well, except 2 around the middle of the block. This looks to be as a result of poor quality control rather than them not knowing the differences between chains

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I hope it all works out for you :+1:t4:

Thanks. Will report back once ive tested the replacement

I finally got a replacement cassette and can happily report that it works much better than the first one. All gears select properly and run smoothly, no skipping.

Only done a couple of short rides so I cant comment on longevity yet but I’m glad to have this option now which works, is much cheaper than force cassettes, is silver instead of black, and allows me to use older wheels with an 11spd freehub.