Force AXS cassette with Red AXS group?

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So pulled the trigger on ultimate 9.0 red axs. Little over budget so I thought will sell my old trainerbike to my bro with 10speed sram red. He sees how I am flying, want to pursue the same. Making it a good deal as its family.

However, realizing that I also need to put a 12sp cassette on my trainer and a xdr body now… Not going to change cassettes all the time. Red cassettes are quite expensive, and not trainer worthy in my opinion. Anyone know if its possible to use a force axs cassette with a red axs group? I am aware of the noise issues the cassette maybe has, but don’t see that as a problem on the trainer anyway.

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Nope, you will be fine. AXS is AXS so Force will work with Red and vice versa.

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No problema. Sram would be foolish not to make those compatible.

Indeed. Just knew the coating is different. Thought maybe the chain will give issues but guess red and force axs chains are the same except for the hollow pins.

I have AXS red crank/chainring and force derailleur and cassette. All works great together.

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Jumping in here as I’m looking for some cassette clarification for a few SRAM AXS/XD/XDR/NX assumptions/questions I have so I can add more details to a video I’m working on:

  • SRAM AXS encompases Red, Force, and Eagle 12spd groups.
  • 12 Speed SRAM needs an XD/XDR driver due to the diameter of the 10 tooth cog.
  • XDR is for Road, XD MTB/Gravel.
  • XDR is XD and XDR compatible (XDR has 1.85mm longer splines). XD isn’t XDR compatible.
  • Direct drive trainers (and wheels) require an XD or XDR driver upgrade to run XD or XDR cassettes (as above, for the 10 tooth cog).
  • SRAM NX or SX are splined (Standard Shimano/SRAM freehub) cassettes and are an alternative 12 speed option that don’t require XD/XDR drive as they don’t have 10 cog, they have an 11.
  • NX/SX cassette ratios are limited to 11-50… so not an ideal solution for AXS Red/Force road bikes.
  • NX/SX cassettes would be an option for those with AXS who don’t require a full range of gears (pure ERG warriors), and who don’t want to upgrade their trainer freehub to XDR (some don’t have the option).
  • I’ll also assume trying to change gears to a 50 cog with a Red/Force group with a chain sized for a 33 wouldn’t end well.

If any SRAM experts confirm/comment on the above, that’d be awesome.

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