Trainer freehub - 11 spd shimano on 12 spd xdr?

I’m thinking of getting a new bike and a direct driver trainer. If I get a 12 speed SRAM I know I will need an xdr freehub, but will I be able to fit a 11 speed shimano cassette with a spacer so I can also run my current bike on it? Will the rear hub now be too wide for the 11 speed? I have a trek domane sl5, am looking at getting a speedmax axs when available, and a kickr direct drive.


There are honestly no good options here.

The cassette spacing between AXS 12 and Shimano 11 is different, and there doesn’t appear to be any 12 speed road cassettes without the 10t that would fit on a standard freehub body.

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freehubs are totally different so the cassettes arent interchangeable.

I use erg mode almost exclusively, which means I dont need to change gear. Because of that, I use my sram axs 12 speed bike with a shimano 11spd cassette and freehub on the trainer. For the odd occasion that I race on zwift then I take the axs cassette off my bike and fit it to the trainer with the xdr freehub that I also have.


is it quieter when you use the 11spd cassette over the AXS one?

So I may be able to run a SRAM 12 spd bike on a shimano 11 speed cassette in erg (which is pretty much all I would do). It’s a 142 35mm rear axle, so that looks like the same width…

Yeah it is actually. Some force axs cassettes are known for being a bit noisy but theyve supposedly fixed that with the latest ones

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I use my 12 speed axs bike with a shimano 11 speed cassette in erg. My bike is 142x12mm axle - its a cyclocross bike, so the same as a disc brake road bike.

If you do decide to put an XDR drive on your direct drive trainer, a standard XDR will not fit the Kickr or Kickr Core. I had to purchase one directly through Wahoo to fit the trainer.

I tried one of these cassettes. They look nice but I had a problem with chain skipping in a couple of gears. It’s a common problem apparently.


Discussion here also on WW forum of people not having great experience with the ztto cassette

What do you mean by “standard”? All freehubs are specific to a certain manufacturer(s). You’d buy a wahoo xdr driver for your kickr in the same way that you’d need a mavic xdr driver for your carbon cosmics

I didn’t know they weren’t cross-compatible from wheel hub to wheel hub. Never tried putting one from the Enves to the Rovals. I just know that the Roval XDR hub wouldn’t fit the trainer. Good info. Thanks.

They aren’t as specific as you think they are. The Roval one is likely just a DT Swiss one. There aren’t that many different variations out there in mainstream hubs. As long as the freehub axle is the right size (15mm / 17mm) and the mechanism (pawl, ratchet, etc) is about the same, the dimensions of the freehub body really dictate everything else.

If it fits on the axle snugly, the pawls go in, the end cap goes together right, and it works smoothly - it works.

Thanks all for your input. I ended up finding a great deal on a felt IA with shimano Di2, so compatability concerns are moot.

New bike day next week!

Yeah sure, but thats a lot of “ifs”.

Not sure if youve ever tried mixing and matching freehubs like i have but trust me…theres a lot of different fitments.

If you’ve got a free hub sitting there and a trainer sitting there, it’s $300 saved for 2min of trying.

Pawl hubs are 80% of hubs, the Kickr has the more common axle size. It’s probably a 60% chance it props on and seems to work and a 95% chance after that. It’s not like it’s going to seem to work and then destroy everything.

I dont disagree that if it fits then it will likely work.

But in my experience with many different brands of hubs, the likelihood of any freehub fitting any hub is much lower than 60%. That doesnt mean you shouldnt try though