Sram red AXS compatibility with wahoo kickr

Hi, can someone help me ,
Is possible to use the wahoo kickr 11 speed with sram red axs 12 speed, i will only use it in erg mode, if indo this i can damage axs chainrings or chain?
Thank you!

Not a good idea to run the 12-speed chain on an 11-speed cassette. The new AXS chain is more narrow and might be open for risk to damage from use on a wider 11-speed cassette cog.

The outer plates are thinner, but the overall proportions of plate thickness and internal space between the plates are all smaller now. Meaning this 12-speed chain is a lot thinner than the 11-speed one.


OK, i will have to wait for an xdr freehub wahoo body,
thank you so much for your help.

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