Anyone using a road cassette on trainer for SRAM eagle MTB?

Sorry if this is a crap question, but I can’t find an answer anywhere and I figure if it’s possible someone here would be doing it.

I want to put my MTB on a tacx neo 2, but for zwifting I think running an eagle 11-50 cassette would suck. Is it possible to use a sram red road cassette? I’ve found lots of info about people going the other way (road sifters, eagle derailleur and cassette) for their gravel bikes, but nothing in this direction.

Also, any general feedback on how a mountain bike set up fairs for zwift racing? Am I going to be too spun out given the gearing? Or do you just turn up the resistance so it’s more watts and it doesnt matter?

Thanks a bunch, cheers

Eagle cassette has its own unique chain which is not designed for road cassettes IIRC.

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I’ve used my 10-33 cassette on my Kickr with my MTB. No issues at all.

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My mountain bike is my primary trainer bike. The bike is SRAM Eagle AXS. The trainer is a Wahoo Kickr Core with an 11 speed Shimano road cassette. They interact just fine other than a few gears being hard to shift in/out of. Running the trainer in ERG mode alleviates the need to shift and it works just fine.

I would imagine that shifting with a 12s red cassette won’t be perfect but will work.


Do you have Eagle, or Eagle AXS?

Eagle 12 Speed

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